Howto install WAYD iPhone application
See our blog http://teknograd.wordpress.com.

Howto connect WAYD with Facebook
See movie at Teknograd YourTube channel.

Howto send messages from Skype to WAYD
1. You need to add "teknograd" to your contacts (this might take up 24 hours).
2. Start chat with "teknograd" and send "#help" for more information.

Howto connect WAYD to your Twitter account
1. In "My area" scroll down to "Twitter account".
2. Fill in your account information and click "Save Twitter information".

Howto change my phone number to a alias
1. In "My area" scroll down to "My alias".
2. Set your alias and klick "Set Alias".

Howto add your WAYD feed to your Wordpress blog
See movie at Teknograd YouTube channel.

Howto create a journey based on your WAYD posts
See movie at Teknograd YouTube channal.

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